Views From Various Vantage Points

Here are some views of the observatory from other locations around the neighborhood.

The observatory dome is silhouetted against an electrical storm eminating from a nearby thunderhead on a warm spring night about an hour after midnight. Digital image by Tom Renn of Frederick.

Click on image to open up a wider field of view for this image in a new window (499 KB). In the wide field view Jupiter is seen at the far right. Above Jupiter are the three stars in the hind quarters of Leo, including the bright star Denebola.

[winter storm]
The sun shines on Marstown Observatory following a winter storm on President's Day, 2003 (FujiFilm FinePix digital camera).
[from Bowersox Rd.]
From Bowersox Road (Canon FTb and 300mm telephoto lens).
[from Dr. Stitely Rd.]
From Dr. Stitely Road (Canon FTb and 300mm telephoto lens).
[from Cemetery]
From a church's cemetery (Canon FTb and 200mm telephoto lens).
[from Marston Rd.]
From across the highway (Canon FTb and 300mm telephoto lens).
[X-Ray view]
X-Ray view of interior (Canon FTb and 28mm wide angle lens).
[Leonid over MTO]
A Leonid meteor goes streaking above the dome (Canon FTb and standard 50mm lens).
Leprechaun's view (Olympus Stylus Epic camera).

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